The Food Company | Green Hills, Nashville

It was the week before Christmas and what was I thinking? More than likely, another little gift or two before we headed out for the hometown wilds of my descendants.

Green Hills in Nashville is a residential/shopping mecca anchored by Nordstrom. Just as I still long for the personally curated shop; I seek the small eatery.

So after my labors, I pull my beleaguered anatomy into the front yard of a shining symbol of what is still right with the beloved moveable feast – The Food Company.

In an effortlessly elegant frame situated at 2211 Bandywood Drive, The Food Company reminds me of back in the day when you could shop a quick lunch of appetizing and real food, even if only for a snack.

And speaking of: my long time favorite chocolate chip cookies and Citrus Mint Tea are certain order add-ons when I’m there for lunch. The two provide good fuel for the ride back home.

I’m pretty sure that I have eaten their entire menu beginning soon after Jackie Daniel began operating in 1995.

On my last stop in, I asked the friendly and competent staff person to recommend a standout selection that people don’t often order.

“Are you kidding; it’s all loved,” she said and continued, “But wait, BLT No. 2 is my favorite and not picked as often as No. 1.”

“Tomatoes in December?” I protested. She explained that their tomatoes are roasted and that’s how I scored my new favorite at The Food Company.

But that’s not the end of my happy dance. They offer progressively designed and delicious sandwiches and wraps, salads and a catering menu of dishes that you crave. But what I really most love about The Food Company that you cannot find just any ole place is the quality of bread. Not to mention the way they dress their sandwiches with sumptuous additions like artichoke spread, red onions, avocados, pesto, olive salad, chipotle mayo to name a few.

While you wait on your lunch order, peruse the refrigerated wall of dinner options for your people and those people who you’ve had on your mind but don’t want to delay showing your regards one minute longer.

And if you’ve never had the pleasure, new Nashvillian or passer through, buy a batch of Nashville’s finest tomato soup while you’re there. Back home with a warm bowl, you’ll begin plotting your next procurement safari to Green Hills because The Food Company makes it all worth while.

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