Burger Up | Cool Springs, Williamson County, Tennessee


At a minute’s notice, I can conjure his handsome face, say at age thirty-five years. As always he is cheerful on the surface, likely masking some tension brought on by mounting responsibilities of a young family and new job.

But hey, it’s springtime and he has a newfangled house and a spiffy new charcoal grill. The first hamburgers of the season are sizzling.

My father sips a cold Budweiser; my mother prepares the sides while my brother and I ride bikes nearby, mouths watering in anticipation.

Sigh. The delicious hamburger of yore. All was right with the world. That is until burgers with complicated histories were ushered in by the future. I lost that loving feeling. What happen to the flavor?

Though the hamburger of my adulthood became rampart,  they sank to the bottom of the ole cravings list. That is until Burger Up – Cool Springs http://burgerupcoolsprings.com came to town.

With trip after trip, they won my trust and favor with intelligence. I thank them for their attention to detail. And, blow my mind: I now prefer their airy interior with a twinge of truffle more than that place at my parents’ picnic table.

At first, I tipped-toed through the salad menu. No fooling around here – the greens have a just harvested flavor, making for a challenging choice in lineup: Spinach, Chopped Kale, Wedges of Iceberg and Caesar, each overlain with homegrown vinaigrettes or Hatcher Farms Ranch.

Then onto the burgers and friendly sides of which I have yet to meet their match: the Classic, the Hawaiian with Steamed Spinach on the side, the Mushroom & Swiss with Truffle Fries on the side, the Bison, the Grilled Avocado Burger with Quinoa Salad on the side: and my utter favorite, the Lamb Burger with Sweet Potato Fries. (And these are just the ones I’ve sampled!)

And even with their gloriously diverse topical options, never forget that you can put an egg or Benton’s Bacon on any of it.

If you arrive in a leisurely state of mind, you may order a superior cocktail, for me, it’s the Pineapple Heat (tequila, pineapple juice, jalapeño syrup). And if it’s beer for you, there’s no shortage of handcrafted lovelies, but every time I’ll pick a citrus beer (seems to balance burger juiciness).

For additional flavor, take note of tabletops bearing homemade ketchup, honey dijon and sriracha mayo.

The music is subtly rockin’ and the sound level is brilliant. The atmosphere is hipster, but also oldster. I like that in a dining hall and it makes me feel that the plates are honest which brings me to one logical reason that I love Burger Up.

And that would be Bear Creek Farms of Williamson County . Please know, having been a customer myself for many years, Bear Creek is a glorious farm; the sort of place you would love to digest in theory and in person.

So you’ve been nourished body and soul; time to get back on the road (Highway 65, likely). Alas, you might be too tightly scheduled or too stuffed to consider dessert; but think better of yourself and order take out because the Olive & Sinclair Dark Chocolate Brownies or Lucy’s Seasonal Cheesecakes are tip-top divine.

P.S. On your way out, glance at the milkshake menu you forfeited and nod to the engaging staff who met your every whim with intent.

Now into in your vehicle where you may squeal in privacy. And then wish that your parents were still around for an evening out at Burger Up.


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