About Ms Cook

Ms Cook is enthusiastically committed to the exploration and enjoyment of locally grown and crafted foods. As a child, she would take on an alter ego and pretend to be “ms cook,” appreciating farm to table meals in her grandparents’ kitchen. As an adult, she became conscious that locally initated sources of meat, eggs, dairy and produce had all but been replaced by massive shipments from very far away. 

mscook_photo_nowThe result – Ms Cook lives again. She uncovers the sparkling flavors of foods that are produced close to home. For some 15 years, she has developed relationships with small farmers and cooked year round with the bounty of CSAs and farmer’s markets. Last year, an internship with a Tennessee farm awakened her to life. 

Along with the offer of seasonal cooking classes, Ms Cook writes a weekly food column and contributes her musings about the food she eats and the people she meets to several publications. In community, she worked in the development and production of Provisions and Politics, a national winner of the Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards.


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